Where the nature noursches the mind –  is very sutable when going to the geothermal hot tubes in GlacierWorld in Hoffell. Here you shoud take time to relax and enjoy the nature as it gets best. Laying in the hot tubes and embrace the energy from the Vatnajökull glacier is something uniqe.

In the land of Hoffell you have these strong opposites, fire and ice. Geologists found geothermal wather here at the year of 2000, in the beginning there was a 40 fm2 fish tub so the wather would not go totally to waste and then the kids from the farm and the workers that were drilling for wather could bath. Through the years the word got out and from then the family in Hoffell has made these facilities. Now there are five tubs, placed under a majestic kliff called Arnarbæli. Outdoor shower, changing rooms and toiletts.


10:00-21:00, every day (unless advertised differently)


1.000 ISK pr.person (free entry for children 8 years and younger)